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Q: Who is Overnight Expedite ?

A: Overnight Expedite is a division of O.N.E. Transport Group a privately held family operated company. Overnight Expedite has been providing industry leading courier, cartage services throughout Alberta. We are a commercial based shipping company. We operate the fastest company owned line hauls in the province and we do all this OVERNIGHT.

Q: What types of services do we offer?

A: We ship envelopes, boxes and palletized freight. We have a diverse fleet of cars, vans, trucks, 5 tons and 10 tons. We have physical locations in 7 cities with storage for your goods and products. Click here for our Commercial Services.

Q: How do I get your prices and quotes?

A: You can call us at 403.235.5053 or 1.877.447.4828.  We also offer our online RATE CALCULATOR by clicking here. When you sign up to our web services, you will eventually have the ability to check rates, the status of your shipments, check past orders, and signature capture POD's.

Q: How do I process my shipment?

A: We have a website that can schedule shipments/pickups, and monitor your shipment for you on line, each step of the way. Our drivers have the latest in equipment that process the orders and update the site the moment the order is picked up and dropped off. But we are also always just a phone call away.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: Courier's Business Hours is Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. and Saturdays 8:00am to  12:00 noon.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our Head Office is located in Calgary, Alberta but we also operate a few other branch locations listed below :

  • CALGARY :  4216 54 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C2E3  - 403.235.5053
  • EDMONTON : 14605 134 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5L4T4 - 780.453.1011
  • FORT MCMURRAY : 215 MacKay Cresent, Fort McMurray, Alberta T9H 4T5 - 780.715.3585
  • GRANDE PRAIRIE : 12709  99 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta  T8V 5Z4 - 780.538.1202
  • LLOYDMINSTER : 5905 44 Street, Lloydminster, Alberta  T9V 1V6 - 780.205.1222
  • LETHBRIDGE : 1006 41 Street North, Lethbridge, Alberta  T1H 5M1
  • MEDICINE HAT : 1751 30 Street SW, Medicine Hat, Alberta  T1B 3N5

Q: Can I get a copy of the signature and waybill for Proof of Delivery?

A: Yes you can just by calling our dispatch call centre @ 1.877.447.4828 (403.235.5053) and request a copy. Fees may apply. Please note that soon you will be able to get POD's and all other information from our ONLINE SYSTEM here.    

Q: Do you offer a "paperless" system?

A: In reality, every courier company uses paper. However, we are currently investing in Web Technolgy and Handheld Scanning systems to eleviate the paper use and the impact on the envioronment.

Q : Can I order Online?

A: Yes! Overnight is currently testing our new ONLINE WEB PORTAL SYSTEM. This will allow our clients to login into their account and do almost everything they need. Launching soon here. Accounts are required to obtain access to our online systems.

Q: Can you do C.O.D collections?

A: Unfortunatley no. C.O.D.  are not available to or from any location. Please see our Policies and Procedures here for further information.

Q: Do you cube your shipments?

A: Currently we do not cube freight, however certain odd shaped or larger shipments over 6 feet in length and 4 feet in width may incurr additonal fees.

Q: How are bulky shipments rated?

A: We charge by the skid spot used on any given truck.We calculate a standard skid spot as a normal 4' deep x 4' wide x 5' high skid.

Q: Do you offer After Hours service?

A: At this time no after Hours service is available unless pre-arranged. Fees may apply.

Q: What if my shipment is late?

A: If Overnight Expedite fails to meet the time gaurantees for next day delivery, the charges will be removed accordingly and every effort will be made to get the item to you on our next service truck.

Q: What if my shipment is not ready until a certain time?

A: Inform Dispatch at the time of ordering of the time your shipment is ready. Dispatch will send a driver to pick up the shipment when it is ready as long as it is before the cut-off pickup time for that area.

Q: Can you do Bids and Tenders?

A: Yes please call 403.235.5053 for a sales representative.

Q: Can you carry Dangerous Goods?

A: Overnight Expedite DOES NOT carry dangerous goods except those indentified as "consumer quantity" and regulated by Alberta / Canadian Departments of Transportation. For more information please see our Term and Conditions here.

Q: Do you pickup/delivery outside of  Alberta?

A: Yes. We service a few locations just outside the Alberta border. We also serve as a Freight Forwarding / Receiving Agent for numerous clients that send and receive items to and from points throughout the world.

Q: Does Overnight Expedite insure shipments?

A: Yes, please see our Insurance and Shipping Policies here.

Q: Do I need an Account to use your services?

A: No, however without an account you will have no access to online functions and all shipments must be paid for in advance. Please visit Account and Credit Card page here. Our drivers carry no cash.

Q: What is your GST/HST Reference Number?

A: Please contact us for further information.