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Although extremely rare, items can be damaged during transit.


Protect your items with insurance.


Policies / Insurance

Goods accepted by the carrier (hereinafter called The Company) from the owner, consigner or shipper (hereinafter call The Customer) will be subjected to the following terms and conditions as mutually agreed.

Limits of Liability -The carriers liability is limited to $100.00 per shipment otherwise declared value on the waybill. For coverage to a maximum of $9999.99 of declared value per shipment, and subsequent insurance is purchased at a rate of 3.0% per $100.00 or portion thereof. If a value greater than $10000.00 is declared, excess insurance charges will be applied at the rate of 1.5% per $100.00 or portion thereof in excess of $9999.99 charges applied. Some items are not insurable, please call for further information for detailed insurance policies and restrictions.

Notice of Claim- Overnight Expedite is not liable for loss, damage or delay to any goods carried under the bill of lading unless notice thereof setting out particulars of the origin, destination, and date of shipment of the goods and the estimated amount claimed in respect of such loss, damage or delay is given in writing to the originating carriers of the delivering carrier within thirty (30) days after delivery of goods.

Interest Claims- Overnight Expedite is not liable for interest charges under any circumstance.

Fragile Goods- No liability shall be recognized by the carrier for damage or delay due to improper packaging or improper labeling of shipments. No claim shall be recognized for fragile / un-insurable commodities such as glass, ceramics, delicate instruments, plants, electronics and other un-insurable items.

Credit Privileges- All shipments are on a cash basis unless the customer has established an account with Overnight Expedite prior to the service being performed and the account is held in good standing and in accordance with our credit terms. The shipper guarantees to pay for any and all shipping charges including Collect Shipment costs which are not honored for whatever reason by the consignee.

Dangerous Goods- Overnight Expedite does not currently offer Transportation of Dangerous Goods requiring TDG paperwork. We do ship some consumer quantity items with restrictions set out by Transport Canada. For more info , please visit

Waiting Time- The customers delivery must be ready to be picked up and delivered by the time the courier arrives at the customers site, or at the location designated by the customer. If, for any reason, the courier cannot immediately carry on with their route, waiting time will be charged at a rate of $1.75 per minute with the first five minutes free.

Wrong Address- Delivery attempts to incorrect addresses or city/zones by way of error of data entry from either shipper or receiver will result in extra shipping charges. Delivery guarantees are void in these instances.

No Trips- If a courier is requested, by either shipper or receiver and the delivery is not ready and will be shipped at a later time, the charge will be the Regular service charge for that zone.

P.O.D. Charge- Written Proof of Delivery will be provided upon request at a fee of $3.00 per shipment.

C.O.D. Trips- Overnight Expedite does not accept any C.O.D. shipments where the goods contained within shipment require payment.

After Hours- Pickups and Deliveries (where and when possible) will be subject to call out fees at an hourly rate for a minimum of a 3 hour callout per incident.

Packaging- All shipments must be wrapped, packed and addressed for safe and secure handling. Overnight Expedite does not accept liability for items where packaging does not survive shipment.

Guarantees- All delivery time frames are delimited during inclement weather, natural disasters, man made disasters and traffic conditions beyond the control of Overnight Expedite.